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Alta Software offers you customized, flexible and scalable solution - B6.

B6 is also available from our cloud infrastructure, and regardless of the size of your organization, you can enjoy the rich and varied functionality of our software.

B6 is a powerful platform enabling you to quickly and smoothly service your customers. The data entered in the system will always be uncompromised, centralized and easily retrievable. B6 functionality comprises customers, accounts, transfers, foreign exchange, cash desks, print form management.

Based on your requirements, card management system, deposits, standing orders, integration with SWIFT can easily be added to B6 platform.

B6 is equipped with open integration layer – API, offering you the freedom to connect any external system or module to B6.

B6 - This is the # 1 solution for Georgian financial institutions. It applies to banks, microfinance institutions, payment and loan providers, any organization that needs automation of payment processing, customer service or loan management processes.

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