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All Alta Software solutions are available from cloud.

With CLOUDON℠ you can save on initial investment and IT costs. At the same time, you benefit from the full functionality of our software, while our specialists assist you in fulfilling your business plan.  

Our cloud is an affordable alternative to purchasing software. You will no longer need to buy expensive server infrastructure, attract specialists for development and support. Based on monthly subscription you receive all technological tools to grow your business.

Our experienced team will help you selecting software tailored to your requirements. Following your business development you can add modules or increase infrastructure capabilities at any time.

Since 2015 CLOUDON has been successfully utilized by small, medium and large organizations – up to 20 microfinancial institutions, payment providers, investment companies.

CLOUDON℠ is the solid foundation of many successful businesses. You keep your business running smoothly, and we take care of IT.

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