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LOANWARE ™ is a universal solution for the most complex credit life cycle and process management.

LOANWARE ™ is also available from our cloud infrastructure, and regardless of the size of your organization, you can benefit from the rich and varied functionality of our software.

Our system describes any loan, installment, line of credit, related business process or product. You define and easily configure the desired terms and conditions, while LOANWARE facilitates compliance with application legislation and correct management of your business case.

Based on your requirements, insurance, credit cards and limits, pawnshops, integration with payboxes, portal for print form management can easily be added to B6 platform.

Loanware comes with open integration layer – API, offering you the freedom to connect any external system or module.

LOANWARE is so configurable and diverse that it effortlessly reflects any loan on Georgian market.

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